Month in Review: January 2016

2016 arrived at the beginning of this month, in a whirlwind of celebration, excitement, and resolutions…and now the first month of the year is over.

Highlights of the Month

  • Snow!! I missed a total of seven days of school in a row because a big snowstorm this past week and a half or so. It was a lovely break.
  • This super-helpful webinar from National Novel Writing Month, in which James Scott Bell, Kami Garcia, and K.M. Weiland gave advice about revising a novel. (the link takes you to a recording of the webinar, which I definitely recommend watching if you’re a writer!)


What I Read

Only two books this month, but they were both very long books that I feel very accomplished to have finished:

  • The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan: The first in the Wheel of Time series, this book took me several months to get through, but I finally finished it this month! Now for the rest of the books in this long (14-book) series…
  • Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell: My heart will forever remember the wound it received from the ending of this novel. Why, Margaret Mitchell? Why?????????????


What I Watched




  • Enchanted: Super cute, probably a new favorite movie!
  • Ant-Man: I finally saw this over Christmas break. It was really good!
  • Star-Wars: The Force Awakens: Also saw this over Christmas break. It was good! I mean, lightsabers, dramatic space battles, Harrison Ford…what more could you ask for?
  • Big Hero 6: This is probably my favorite movie that I saw this month. It was so cute. Highly recommended!


What I Listened To

A few Broadway soundtracks that I have been obsessed with lately…Into the Woods, Newsies, and Wicked are all incredible musicals with incredible soundtracks and amazing singers, so go check all of them out!!


What I Blogged


What Others Blogged


Upcoming in February

  • our feelings-based culture and what true love really means
  • spiritual highs and lows
  • showing hate is not a Christian thing to do
  • why do we hate Mondays so much?


I hope you all had a wonderful January! What were some highlights of your month? What did you read, watch, or listen to this month? Tell me in the comments! 

♥ love, grace ♥





2 thoughts on “Month in Review: January 2016

  1. Harrison Zeiders says:

    Although it is probably not your cup of tea Grace, I throughly enjoyed Black Hawk Down and Patriot Games. In Patriot Games I thought Ford did a good job and these action movies really suit him. I began reading 1984 and quite like it. So what about that Snow White adaptation?


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