Hi! I’m Grace.

I’m a seventeen-year-old Christian teen. I’m also a rebelutionary. (google The Rebelution if you don’t know what that is. Then go read Do Hard Things.)

My Mission Statement

This blog is a way for me to encourage my fellow Christian teens in their everyday Christian life. I want to give you practical advice for the struggles you face and remind you that, in Christ, you are never alone. I hope that through my writing you will be encouraged, inspired, and equipped for whatever your life holds.

What You Will Find Here

  • Posts exploring theology, the Bible, and how it applies to our lives
  • Practical life advice for Christian teens in many different areas
  • Reflections on Christianity, faith, and the Christian walk
  • Reviews of resources (books, movies, music, etc.) that I love and that you might find helpful

Some More About Me

  • I am an introvert. Being with people is fun, but it drains my energy.
  • I live in the U.S., with two parents, three sisters, a dog, and a parrot.
  • I am an aspiring novelist. My current project is a novella retelling of Snow White that I hope to enter in a contest at the end of this year. (For more, see: The Wisteria Writer Tag, and feel free to get in touch if you’re more interested in this side of my writing! It’s not what this blog’s focus is, but I’d love to talk all things fiction with you.)
  • I attend public high school and do ballet and modern dance. I hope to be a teacher and continue dancing in the future.
  • I sing in the chorus and play the piano.
  • Some things I love are books, movies, tea, lattes, yoga, planners, clothes, makeup, cities (specifically New York City), Broadway, notebooks, and chocolate.
  • I’ve also answered lots of questions about myself under the Awards and Tags category, so check that out!


New posts go up at least once a week. I hope you stick around, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

love, grace



14 thoughts on “About

    • graceevalyn says:

      Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here (especially being a Lunar chronicles fan, haha…)! And I definitely agree with you about Cress. I really liked Cinder as well, but Cress was my favorite.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. haileyhudson says:

    Hey, I found your blog from the Rebelution. I read through some of your old posts and really, really enjoyed them. The Internet is such a cool thing (well, sometimes), how you can impact so many people! I’m also a major introvert (lol), bookworm, writer, and I used to be a pianist. I subscribed and I’m looking forward to getting your new posts! (:


  2. P says:

    Hey Grace! I just read your post about teenagers and reading, and I think you are completely right. We just had a book fair at our school and I saw a friend of mine there, so I proceeded to ask her about what books she could possibly be getting. She replied with: “Well, I haven’t found any books-I don’t really need any- and I don’t really read….” I think the excuses now a days are:
    “I don’t like to read.”
    “I don’t need any new books.”

    Hope all is well!


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