Top 7 Movies for Snow Days


(or rainy days, or any lazy day)

…I totally didn’t forget that it was a blog post day until 6pm.

Oops. Well, it’s been snowing here! I’ve had several wonderful lazy days. And snow is soooo beautiful, at least until the cars come through. There’s a magic to it, and it just makes everything feel so cozy.

Snow makes me want to stay in my pajamas all day, drink mugs of hot chocolate and tea, and curl up on the couch to watch a light, happy, romantic movie. So that’s what this blog post is about: my favorite clean and light movies to watch on those snow days or rainy days where you just want to be cozy. (with gifs of each because I couldn’t resist)

(Just a note…this blog post is unfortunately geared more toward girls, except for number 7. Although any guy who appreciates Jane Austen, I’m proud of you. By the way, if anyone KNOWS what guys watch when they want to be cozy, I’m really curious! Sports? What is the male equivalent of period dramas, romantic comedies, and Disney princesses??)

1. The Princess Bride

If you haven’t seen this movie, get a copy right now and watch it!! It’s a classic! What are you waiting for? Inconceivable!

2. Cinderella (2015)

Have I said enough about this movie by now to convince you to watch it? It’s absolutely gorgeous and classic and wonderful.

3. Emma (1996)

If you’re into any kind of period dramas, romance, Jane Austen, etc., you should watch this. Gwyneth Paltrow is very good and it also contains one of my most favorite romantic scenes of all time!

4. Enchanted

Actually just watched this one today 🙂 It’s a very sweet, cute, happy story that could easily have been done badly, but Disney definitely pulled it off!

5. Beauty and the Beast

And now for some classic Disney…this is my favorite Disney movie ever! Go enjoy the dancing silverware and classic music.

6. Tangled

For a more modern movie, Tangled is another favorite Disney, with the right amount of charm and sweetness and wonderful singing perfect for a relaxing day at home.

7. Amazing Grace

This is just my favorite movie ever and I could watch it anytime, but it would be especially good for a snow day if you aren’t into Disney and Jane Austen. Definitely not what I would call “light”…but inspirational nonetheless.

and a bonus…Frozen!! 

It is a snow day, after all. Do you wanna build a snowman?

Walt Disney Animation Studios film animation disney lol

Just kidding.


Have you seen any of these movies? Would you watch them? What are your favorite cozy movies that you think I missed? And if you’re a guy, what do you watch on snow days? Tell me in the comments!

love, grace


6 thoughts on “Top 7 Movies for Snow Days

  1. emily @ for the bookish says:

    I’ve seen Frozen, Enchanted, Beauty & The Beast and Tangled: basically all the Disney movies! But I’m ashamed I haven’t seen Emma! I’ve been wanting to read it first, though, and ut just hasn’t been the top of my priorities. Also The Princess Bride… AND Amazing Grace. They’re all on my to-be-watched list, haha! 😉 Great recommendations!
    Georgia got its first snow of the year today! Though next Monday it’s supposed to be back up to 60 degrees, ugh! That’s Georgia for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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