Participate in the 2016 Valentine Card Challenge!

valentine card challenge

Cards filled my hands and the backpack on my shoulder was bursting with more. There was a story to share. I told them of the thousands of cards made specifically for them.

(read the full story on The Rebelution)

Recently a project was announced on the Rebelution website: the Valentine Card Challenge.

This is a project, run by a girl named Moriah Simonowich, where people can make Valentine cards to send to imprisoned kids in Uganda (through the ministry Sixty Feet), and I’m calling on all of you to be a part of it. Here’s what you do:

  • Make simple, colorful cards with John 3:16 written out and “Jesus Loves You” in the Luganda language: “Jesu Okwagala”. (Don’t write Happy Valentine’s Day, as these may not be distributed around the holiday.)
  •  Pray over the cards, then mail to them to this address. Write “Valentine Card Challenge” on the box or envelope.

Moriah Simonowich

P.O. Box 3227

Greenville, NC 27836

  • Email the number of cards you made to Moriah so she can keep track:

For more information and background, read the original article here. I hope all of you will take this opportunity to make even just one or two cards to bless these imprisoned children in Christ’s name!

♥ love, grace ♥

Coming soon: A book review of a book which I have not yet chosen…


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