Introducing My Novel-in-Progress!

Today I want to take a little break from the heavier things that we have been talking about (and will continue to talk about) and share a project that is near and dear to my heart. For years, my blogging has been focused on theology, practical advice, and nonfiction writing. But the fact is, I … Continue reading Introducing My Novel-in-Progress!

Taking a Brief Break

You've probably noticed: there have been a lot of voices and opinions on the Internet for the last week or two. I already shared this on my Instagram (which you should follow if you don't already, for updates like this and more bite-size thoughts: @gracematson_writer). Last week, I felt incredibly overwhelmed trying to sift through … Continue reading Taking a Brief Break

Hello Again

It's been a minute. More than a minute, in fact. It's been practically an entire year. But here in the New Year, something is drawing me back to this blog, and so this is my attempt to resurrect it. I'm still a college student, and my life is still just as crazy. I can't promise … Continue reading Hello Again