Do Your Feelings Control You?

Good days, bad days.

Hormones. Sadness. Attraction.

“I don’t feel like reading my Bible.” “I don’t feel close to God.” “I don’t feel like I love them anymore.” “I feel like a failure today.”

Feelings are a huge part of our life as humans. They always have been, and they always will be. That’s normal. We are people, and we will feel happy and sad and have good days and bad days.

The problem comes when we allow these feelings to start controlling our lives. “I don’t feel like reading my Bible, so I’ll just skip it today…and tomorrow.” “I don’t feel close to God, so I think I’ll just ignore religion for a while.” “I don’t feel like I love them anymore, so we should just get divorced.” “I feel like a failure today, so I must be one.”

There is one important truth that we have to remember, especially during the teen years when hormones are swinging and emotions running wild.

Emotions are not the truth. 

God’s truth about Him, us, and the world never changes. Emotions may change from day to day, but we cannot let them influence what we believe. Our heart may feel that God does not exist, but we cannot let that influence what we know in our mind to be true.

What we believe does not change depending on how we feel.

Every day, our beliefs should be the same, whether it is a good day, a bad day, or just a mediocre day. Your feelings may tell you something, but if you know it isn’t truth, don’t let yourself believe it! Feelings will pass, and we must cling hard to the truths that we know, even in the worst of days.

For the next two Tuesdays in February, I’m going to look at two specific instances of this. Next week, we’ll discuss what our culture views as “love” and what true love really means. The week after that, we’ll look at spiritual highs and lows and how we let them influence us.

For now, just remember this: Emotions are not the truth, they do not define you, and they do not change what God has promised and what you have believed.

♥ love, grace ♥

Coming soon: Favorite romantic novels! (in honor of Valentine’s Day)


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