Review Criteria

You will often see reviews of books and movies on this blog. Here is how I decide how many stars to give each thing I review:


  • Five stars: This book was deep, emotionally compelling, and beautiful. Five star ratings are given very sparingly.
  • Four stars: This book was very good, with no major complaints. Most books I like will fall here.
  • Three and a half stars: This interim rating is for a book that was good and that I enjoyed, but had some complaints about; the issues don’t merit a three-star rating but it doesn’t quite deserve four stars.
  • Three stars: This book was good, but there were some issues of quality or content that detracted from the quality. Usually still recommended, but with caution.
  • Two stars: This book had potential, but there were enough major issues that I would hesitate to recommend it to someone.
  • One star: This book had so many major problems that I was unable to enjoy it. It was a waste of time and I definitely would not recommend it to anyone.


  • Five stars: This movie was beautifully done, a masterpiece. It made me very emotional in some way and I would watch it again and again. Once again, a very sparing rating.
  • Four stars: This movie was a well-done film with no major complaints. Highly recommended.
  • Three stars: This movie was good, but there were some issues or content that made it not as enjoyable.
  • Two stars: This movie had potential, but there were several major issues or enough inappropriate content that I don’t really recommend it.
  • One star: No potential. This movie had so many major problems that I couldn’t enjoy it. A waste of time and not recommended.

Have thoughts or questions? Leave me a comment! I love getting comments from readers and try to respond to each one. Let's start a conversation!

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