Eight Things I Want to Do Before I Graduate

Person Holding A Green Plant

1. Write a letter to my senior year self. Open it when I graduate.

I love the idea of recording some of the thoughts and emotions from this first year of college, and then being able to compare them to where I am at the end. I have already felt so much growth happening and I feel like I’ll be in a totally different place when I graduate. Making a mental note that I should probably do this soon.

2. Share the gospel with someone.

Using words, specifically. Obviously after blogging for so long I’m very comfortable with sharing the gospel through writing, and I long ago embraced the idea of letting my life be a witness. But I spent high school using those things as excuses for not doing the thing that really scared me: talking to someone about the gospel, using literal words in a face-to-face conversation. Before college is over I want to conquer this fear.

3. Go on a date.

This, for me, counts as personal growth, which might seem weird. But for so long, guys terrified me, as did the idea of having a relationship. I’ve already grown so much in that area and have some great guy friends, but this is another step that I want to take before the end of college to help me continue growing. (This is something I can definitely write a whole post about if anyone’s interested!)

4. Visit my friends on the West Coast.

I’ve never been to the West Coast โ€” and having college friends from Washington and California gives me the perfect excuse to go!

5. Go back to New York City.

Only one of my favorite places in the entire world…I’ve been three times, but two were day-trips, and I’ve never been able to plan my own itinerary. There’s so much there I want to see and do!

6. Travel internationally. (again)

My trip to Europe over the summer was one of the best experiences of my life. There are so many places I want to see, and so I want to make sure I travel out of the country at least one more time before the end of college.

7. Watch High School Musical.

I just…feel like I should have by now…

8. Participate in a musical at my school.

Another thing that terrifies me…but next time they do a musical with lots of dancing, I want to participate. I’ve never been able to do much theatre and I’ve always wanted to. Now is the time!

You probably noticed a theme on this list: many of these are things that scare me to death. But something that I learned throughout high school was that often, the things that scare me are the experiences that end up being the most valuable, memorable, and worthwhile. I don’t want to let fear get in the way of my college experience, and this list is one way of helping me conquer some of those things that hold me back.

Your turn! What are some things on your bucket list? What scares you, and how can you conquer those fears? Share in the comments!ย 

love, grace

P.S.ย Advice to My Freshman Self: Get Involved


5 thoughts on “Eight Things I Want to Do Before I Graduate

    • graceevalyn says:

      Mm, I knew you would like that. I’m not planning to rush it just so you two have something to gossip about!! That’s not the point ๐Ÿ˜›


  1. The Story Sponge says:

    I love this list! Writing a letter to your senior self is a really neat idea. I wish I had thought of that! I love how you have some serious things on this list, and then you also have things like “watch High School Musical.” It’s great. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you get to be in a musical- as well as accomplish all the other things on your list!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. kathykuhl says:

    Good ideas. Have you thought of a semester or year abroad as a way to earn credit while checking the “international travel” box? My junior year of college at U. of Exeter in England was a wonderful educational experience, and there began some lifelong friendships.

    Liked by 1 person

    • graceevalyn says:

      Yes, I would definitely love to do that! I don’t know for sure if my school has any abroad programs but I think they might. Something I’ll look into for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

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