Favorites Roundup: June/July ’18

A roundup of some of my favorite things in the last few months…

Favorite Books

Image result for love walked in This is a new-to-me author and also a new-to-me style of literary fiction. It’s a beautiful book and I’ll definitely check out more by her. (Content recommended for ages 16+.)

Image result for wires and nerve Got this for my birthday and…read the whole thing on my birthday. Marissa Meyer never disappoints.

Favorite Movies

Image result for the sound of music I went to Salzburg as part of my trip so obviously watching this (for like the 4 billionth time) was a must. It never gets old…and there are so many layers that I didn’t even catch when I was a kid.

Image result for goodbye christopher robin The story of the real-life Christopher Robin…I really enjoyed this movie, especially the first half. I didn’t like the way it jumped ahead in time at the end, but I can forgive it for that.

Favorite Podcast Episode

“What About That Quiet Time”, from the Uniquely Woman podcast, was a thought-provoking dive into where our term “quiet time” comes from and why it’s hurting our spiritual walk. Definitely worth your time to listen to!

Favorite Articles/Blog Posts

Favorite Videos


What was your favorite read of June and July? Share in the comments! 

love, grace


5 thoughts on “Favorites Roundup: June/July ’18

  1. The Story Sponge says:

    I loved Goodbye Christopher Robin! Even though it was really heavy and made me slightly depressed… It was really good.
    I recently finished reading Because You’ll Never Meet Me but Leah Thomas, and though it had some problematic elements, I greatly enjoyed the characters and the writing style and the story (mainly). The book was written entirely in the form of letters, and I haven’t read many books like that.


    • graceevalyn says:

      Yeah, it was heavy. The first half was so cute and then it just gradually got more depressing as it went on…but I did like that the ending was still hopeful.

      Because You’ll Never Meet Me looks really good! I just read the synopsis and it sounds really unique and intriguing. The letter format probably adds to that uniqueness too, right?

      Liked by 1 person

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