On the Movie Screen: Jan-March 2018

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A new feature, in which I share with you what I’ve been watching, and what I would recommend! 


Mini-Mini-Mini Reviews: 

Hamlet (3 stars) – appreciated that it was totally unabridged, although it made it a monster-length movie

Persuasion (3.5 stars) – really rushed, although I loved the casting of Anne and Wentworth

Interstellar (3 stars) – not quite as much of a wow as I hoped

The Greatest Showman (4 stars) – will probably rewatch over and over, family-friendly, a visual treat, and the music is amazing

Captain America (5 stars) – my fourth time watching it, successfully got my friend obsessed

The Truman Show (5 stars) – entertaining, yet also deeply thought-provoking, great attention to detail, could write an entire book analyzing it…probably my favorite of the year so far!! must watch!!

Miracle (4 stars) – I always like sports movies more than I think I will

Black Panther (4 stars) – not my favorite Marvel movie, but really good, I loved Shuri, and I appreciated that they tackled really important issues without an agenda-y tone

The Importance of Being Earnest (4 stars) – absolutely perfectly-cast from the play, hilarious, just a really light and enjoyable movie (especially if you want to see Colin Firth in a very different role from Mr. Darcy)!

I Can Only Imagine (3 stars) – inspirational, and I cried a lot


Mini-Mini-Mini Reviews: 

The Great British Baking Show (season 1) – super fun and makes me hungry, the contestants are really positive and support each other (no backstabbing)

Friends (episodes 1-10) – started watching and decided to stop because it wasn’t really clean, so be warned, wouldn’t recommend starting at all because it’s addicting

Mansfield Park (miniseries) – not the highest-quality filming, loved some of the casting and hated others, but liked how true it was to the book


What did you watch in the last couple of months? Do you agree with my ratings? Do you want longer reviews or content guides for any of these movies? Let me know in the comments! 

(Also let me know your thoughts on the format of this post. I’m experimenting and I want your suggestions and feedback!) 

love, grace


6 thoughts on “On the Movie Screen: Jan-March 2018

  1. Madeline J. Rose says:

    YASS Captain America!! 😀 I love that movie so much. And I agree, though Black Panther wasn’t my favorite Marvel movie, it was still really good. Shuri was hilarious. XD

    Oh my word I Can Only Imagine. The sadness. ;( But so. So. Amazing.


  2. haileyhudson says:

    I like the format here! I saw The Greatest Showman three times in theaters (lol) and I’ve seen Black Panther twice. Loved both of them. I also saw The Death Cure. Good stuff!


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