July 2017 Month in Review

july 2017 month in review2

I’m back! Taking a hiatus was definitely the right thing to do, as the last few weeks have been absolutely crazy. I survived, however! I survived teaching ballet to rambunctious little girls, throwing a big 17th birthday party, and dancing for 8 hours a day while staying in a dorm three hours away from my family. And I loved every minute of it, but I’m glad to be getting back to writing, and calmer days, and a little bit more real vacation time before school starts again.

Bloggings of the Month

Before my hiatus, I did write a few posts:

the works vs. grace thing again

Image result for la la land I finally saw it!

growing up2.jpg a post that’s very close to my heart…what God’s been teaching me about growing up

Favorites of the Month

Image result for spider man homecoming Spider-Man: Homecoming was amazing!! Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man yet, in my opinion, and I’ve seen all three. If you are into Marvel and haven’t seen this yet, what are you waiting for??

674749 29949578 This month I read two of the cutest fantasy books ever…if you have any interest at all in fantasy, fairy tales, cute romance, or fun banter-y dialogue, The Ordinary Princess and Paper Crowns are definitely for you!

On Coming out of Depression & Experiencing the Faithfulness of God.png this beautiful post from Amanda is something everyone should read

 Two beautiful posts about the power of fantasy: Fantasy in My Veins from Tracey and My Life’s Tower of Fantasy from Deborah…love, love, love! (Deborah’s picture wouldn’t load on my computer…ahem, sorry.)

And finally…you’re welcome:


Coming in August

  • Ideas for overcoming cell phone addiction
  • Thoughts on denominational differences
  • Some favorite blogs you should be following
  • A new pet peeve of mine
  • Reviews! (Some new favorite music of mine, and others TBD.)


Did you have a good July? Was it as busy as mine? Did you read anything good? How much longer do you have before going back to school? Tell me in the comments! 

love, grace

5 thoughts on “July 2017 Month in Review

    • graceevalyn says:

      Yeah, I especially loved that particular video and just had to share it 😉 I hope your class goes well! It sounds amazing to only have to take one. I am really excited for the classes I’m taking, though! (Except math…)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Deborah O'Carroll says:

    An Ordinary Princess and Paper Crowns are two of my TOP favorites! So glad you enjoyed ’em! ^_^ And aww, thanks for linking to me! (I apologize that my insanely large picture didn’t load for you. XD) Ooh, I haven’t ever seen any Spider-Man movies… I must change this someday! o.o Loved reading your update — WOW, you’ve had a busy month!! O_O — and best wishes on a great August! ❤


    • graceevalyn says:

      It’s okay, sometimes technology just does its own thing… 😉 And you should definitely see Spider-Man! I would start with the original Toby Maguire, just because Homecoming doesn’t have the backstory and kind of jumps right in. And you have to be up on other Marvel movies to understand it well. But it’s definitely my favorite! (And if you already know the backstory and don’t care about that, just start with Homecoming.)

      Liked by 1 person

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