Why Christians Shouldn’t Have Faith in Humanity

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Classmates shave their heads in solidarity with a sick child.

Someone shares their meal with a homeless man on the street.

A policeman stops to help a little kid tie their shoe.

And the world cries, “Faith in humanity restored!”

Even Christians talk this way without even thinking about it. But I think there’s a problem with Christians using this phrase. Isn’t the fallenness of humanity one of our fundamental beliefs?

Truthfully, we can have no ultimate faith in humanity. 

If our faith is in humanity, our faith is in something that will always ultimately fail us. Back in the Garden of Eden, humanity failed us, in the form of Adam and Eve, and ever since then people have been a mess.

The kid will get bullied. The homeless man will get ignored. The disabled girl will be ridiculed and the bad people will reach the top, no matter how little they deserve it. That one sin back in Genesis started a chain reaction that will continue for the whole history of Earth.

Ultimately people will always fail, and people who put their hope in people will always be disappointed.

But what about all those heartwarming stories, all those people doing genuinely good things? They can’t be discounted completely. They can’t be ignored. If humanity is really in as horrible a state as I’ve described, how do we explain random acts of kindness, acts of service, acts of love?

These things should not restore our faith in humanity. They should restore our faith in God. 

If the Christian looks at the good things in the world and feels restored faith for humanity, they are committing idolatry, putting humans in the place of God. When we look at the good things in the world, our faith in God should be strengthened, increased, heightened.

Because if humanity is really as badly messed up as Christianity believes, the existence of any good at all is proof that God is present, and He is always working.

He is the one prompting people to serve others, changing hearts and changing lives. On our own, humanity can’t get anywhere. We’re stuck in a cycle of anger and fear and hurt and selfishness. But with God, anything is possible. And because of Christ, He can take a broken humanity and bring beautiful things out of it.

So, those “faith in humanity” Pinterest posts and stories on the radio? They should mean so much to the Christian, because we know that the existence of those posts and stories is only because of God’s grace to the world. When we hear them, we should not feel an arrogant faith in the human race. We should feel a humble, grateful faith in God, who is the only source of beauty and goodness, and who can redeem anyone.

Faith in humanity will get us nowhere. Faith in God will.

love, grace

What do you think? Have you ever really thought about this phrase before? Do you agree with me? Disagree? Share in the comments below! 

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7 thoughts on “Why Christians Shouldn’t Have Faith in Humanity

  1. Lily C says:

    I never thought about it before, but I have heard it. Worse, I’ve had confidence in people more than God without even realizing it.
    But this past week at a Music Camp at a Christian College, I met so many wonderfully people, and they showed the kindness and love for each other that you don’t see in the rest of the world. Perhaps the contrast is what helps me see that clearer now – if these teenagers did not have God in their lives, they could have been quite different, in a negative way.
    Thank you for writing this!! Praise God for all He has done!


    • graceevalyn says:

      I know- I didn’t even think about this until recently either. I’ve definitely been guilty of using this phrase or being okay with it more than once in the past. It truly is God that causes all good in the world, not people, and so every time we meet people who show that unique love, it’s an opportunity to praise God. Thanks for reading; I’m so glad you liked it!!


  2. Bonsai says:

    We all are capable of showing great compassion in an instance, but every day we judge and make assumptions. Even if we don’t verbalized these sentiments we think them. And these sins can lead to all others. So while humans can step it up from time to time, we are continually failing and causing our own churn and chaos. Thus we must get outside ourselves.


    • graceevalyn says:

      Yes! Humans are certainly capable of good, but all of that comes from God; as soon as we stop relying on Him and start relying on ourselves, things will go bad.


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