TV Review: Sherlock (2010-)

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My Rating: Five Stars

Age Suggestion: 14+

Seasons: 4 (3 hour and a half episodes each)

Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman

At long last, here is the promised review of Sherlock. I am completely in love with this show and have wanted to put a review up for a long time! I was waiting until Season 4 was over and then it just didn’t fit in my blogging schedule until now.

(Also, I realized the last time I did any kind of review was August. Hm. I will try to be a bit more balanced from now on.)

The Show

In this contemporary version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories, Dr. John Watson is a war vet just home from Afghanistan. He meets the brilliant but eccentric Holmes when the latter, who serves as a consultant to Scotland Yard, advertises for a flatmate. Almost as soon as Watson moves into the Baker Street flat, they are embroiled in mysteries, and Sherlock’s nemesis, Moriarty, appears to have a hand in the crimes. (from Google) 

My Thoughts

The characters are what make this show. Every actor is perfectly cast and at the top of their game, even for characters who are only in one episode; Cumberbatch and Freeman are both incredibly talented (seriously, Martin Freeman has the ability to make me cry like no other actor can).

The script and the amazing actors together make this show’s character development flawless. It is so much more than a crime thriller: it is about relationships, about the friendship between Sherlock and Watson and the way Sherlock develops into an actual living, feeling person who can interact with others. Cumberbatch plays that character development to perfection, and you barely even notice it’s happening until, at the end, Sherlock is a completely different person than he was before. It’s emotion-grabbing and flawlessly done.

Even though I consider the characters the centerpiece, the show does still have plenty of crime-thriller elements to satisfy those looking for a true mystery show. Each episode features its own mystery (although some tie together), and Sherlock’s methods in solving each are genius and leave the viewer in awe. The writing and directing is very well-done, crafting a story that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and that weaves many threads together exceptionally well.

Taking the Sherlock Holmes stories and setting them in modern-day London was a great idea! The modern elements add a lot (texting, anyone?), yet it still retains the classic charm and intrigue of the original stories.

Overall, this show is just simply very well done. The acting, the writing, the filming – everything comes together to create a show that, objectively, is one of the most high-quality TV shows I’ve ever seen.

And then if you consider the emotional aspect…be warned that if you start this show, your emotions will suffer. You will come to care about the characters more than you can even imagine, and the writers play off that to create episodes that will leave you with tears streaming down your face. It’s incredibly emotional without being hopeless or needlessly dark, and I love that.


I won’t lie, Sherlock is a pretty intense show, with all of the crime and mystery and murder. I wouldn’t watch it if you are very sensitive to that sort of thing. But I’ve always been pretty sensitive and I found that I didn’t even think about it being too intense while I was watching it. While it is intense, it isn’t needlessly dark or gruesome.

There is no explicit content; however, there are some innuendos all throughout the series. Especially in the first season, there are also pretty frequent innuendos about a homosexual relationship between Sherlock and John (which, to be clear, never actually happens). It was annoying that they had to bring that up so often, but it got better in later seasons.

I don’t remember much about language; I think there is some, but it’s not anything R-rated (the show is TV-14).

Also, I did not watch Season 2 Episode 1, “A Scandal in Belgravia” because I heard it was a bit more inappropriate than the rest of the show (it’s the one based on the Irene Adler story, so I can believe it). Definitely find out what the content is like from someone who’s seen it before you watch it.

(I have not watched “The Abominable Bride” either, so I’m not factoring that one into any of this.)


This is an incredible TV show. If you’re a writer looking for good examples of character development, or a fan of period dramas and action movies (like me), or obsessed with all things British, or just enjoy good TV, I highly recommend it! As long as you can handle the intensity (which I would say is generally good for about ages 14 and up), it’s an amazing show that I would highly recommend!


What do you think? Have you seen Sherlock and are you a fan? If not, do you want to watch it? What other TV shows do you want me to review? Let me know in the comments below! 

love, grace




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