6 Christmas Albums I Love

Christmas music is what really makes it feel like the Christmas season for me. When I turn on that first Christmas song, it makes me so happy. At that point, the holidays have truly arrived.

I’ve been listening to Christmas music obsessively, and today I want to share some of my favorite albums with you. Hopefully this will introduce you to some artists you haven’t heard before and provide you with some new things to listen to!

(I wish I could share my actual playlist with you, which includes most of these songs and a few more in a very specific order, but I don’t have Spotify or anything so this will have to do for now.)

Noel: Josh Groban

Image result for noel josh groban

If you haven’t already listened to Josh Groban’s Christmas album, go do it! It’s classic and gorgeous and usually one of the first albums I listen to at the start of the season.

Two of my favorite songs:

Christmas: Michael Buble

Image result for christmas michael buble

Here’s another album with a classic sound and gorgeous vocals that is a good way to start off the season!

That’s Christmas to Me AND A Pentatonix Christmas: Pentatonix

Image result for that's christmas to me pentatonixImage result for a pentatonix christmas

Pentatonix is so talented and can sing so many different styles; all you have to do is listen “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” to hear both their classical and contemporary sound.  The songs are so fun, catchy, and well-arranged!

Christmas Beyond the Lights: Sons of Serendip

Image result for sons of serendip christmas beyond the lights

I just discovered this group, and their music is so beautiful! Some has vocals (and wow, is the vocalist great), and some is just instrumental (and wow, are the arrangements gorgeous). Calming, reflective, and beautiful.

Rose of Bethlehem: Selah

Image result for selah rose of bethlehem

I mentioned Selah in my November Month in Review for their hymns album. Their Christmas album is probably one of my top favorite albums in this entire list. It is perfectly balanced with classic carols and amazing original songs, reflective pieces and toe-tapping ones, and every song is gorgeous. So highly recommended!

Plus Two More Songs I Love…

So there you are! A huge list with six favorite albums of mine and my most favorite Christmas songs of the moment. I hope this gives you some new things to listen to during the Christmas season!

love, grace




4 thoughts on “6 Christmas Albums I Love

  1. Victoria @RufflesandGrace says:

    So cool! Four out of five of your favorite Christmas albums are mine too! Love Josh Groban and his was the first I pulled out this year. Also PTX and of course Selah has been my mainstay since I was 9. Their album is just simply so classy and transcendent of time. And of course Michael Buble!!! Since you have such great taste in music, I will have to check out the Sons of Serendip! Thanks for sharing! My other favorite Christmas album is Winter Magic by Hayley Westenra. It is just so gorgeous and I think you would enjoy it! Blessings, Victoria


    • graceevalyn says:

      We definitely have similar musical taste! I think you would love Sons of Serendip, definitely, and I’ll have to check out Hayley Westenra. Glad you liked the post!


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