God Is In Control (Even When the World Goes Mad)

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So there’s a little thing happening in just a few days that you might have heard about. 

It’s called the presidential election. 

If you are now crying, screaming, or running away to hide, this post is for you. 

When we look around at the brokenness of the world, we wonder why. We wonder why God would let things happen, things that are awful and seem to tear everything apart. We wonder why people and the world have to be so messed up.

Everywhere, there is hate and fear and arguing and misunderstanding and death and destruction and sin.

Sometimes it seems like God might have forgotten about us.

But we have to remember that no matter how it seems, He has not forgotten about us at all. 

He is still in control, over our lives and our country and our world and our galaxy and our universe.

No matter what happens, it cannot happen without Him allowing it to. That applies to this Tuesday, and whatever happens beyond. He is in control. 

We cannot understand God’s purposes, and we should not even try. All we need to know is that He promises to take care of us, and that sometimes God works through imperfect people. 

The Bible is full of examples. God doesn’t use only the flawless saint to do His work in the world. He can use the broken, the sinful, the arrogant and hotheaded and liberal.

And so, as Christians, we do not need to fear. We have a faith that will uphold us through whatever might happen with our country.

And so, if you can, vote on Tuesday according to whatever your conscience dictates. And whether you can vote or not, don’t panic or fear. Trust that God has everything under control. 

love, grace

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