September 2016 Month in Review

I hope you all had lovely Septembers! Mine was rather stressful at the beginning because of going back to school and getting into a routine and all of that. I think I’ve settled into a routine that juggles everything pretty successfully now, despite how busy I am, so that’s good.

September was a month of new beginnings, of fresh starts in all areas of life. It was a month of challenges (and yes, some tears) that I am now beginning to overcome. This month I discovered new classrooms and teachers. I went to a football game for the first time since freshman year (I’m a junior) and screamed so much I almost lost my voice. Friends gathered to celebrate the birthdays of Bilbo and Frodo (now an annual tradition), and friends gathered around a flagpole on a rainy day to worship God and pray for our school.

I hope to start October ready to continue overcoming new challenges and learning new things. Here’s to the fall!

This Month’s Devotions

This month I continued reading through the New Testament and read through Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and on.

I also read through A Place of Quiet Rest by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and was challenged to make my devotions the most important, most wonderful part of my life. I started writing down notes, meditations, and thoughts on the passages I was reading.

I’m now reading in Hebrews, using Amanda’s Hebrews Bible Study series to help me. It’s been wonderful so far.

Here are a few things God has taught me this month:

The Christian life is not easy. We need grace so that we can successfully fulfill the high calling of the Christian, relying on God’s strength and not our own. If we seek a relationship with God, all else flows from that.

Prayer is a great privilege, not a burden, in the Christian life.

God’s truth should be handled with reverence and respect.

In order to resist false teaching, we must be steeped in Scripture.

The grace of God leads us to pure, godly lives so that God’s Word will be honored in the world.


Purposeful Pages Memethe linkup again: inspiring people, theme songs, blogging habits

you don't have to do it all 2.jpgan important truth about life

one step at a time.edited.jpga key to peace

from other blogs…

This post was really good. I believe completely that everyone can and should pursue what they want to do with their lives, and cultural standards really get on my nerves, so go Abbiee for defending artists!

Liz PERFECTLY captured the reason I hated Allegiant’s ending. Everything I couldn’t put into words in my review is ranted about in this post and I couldn’t have agreed more.

The channel trailer  for Jordan’s channel is pure gold. Watch it now and then subscribe to him.

For another perspective on taking it one day at a time, read Amanda’s post. I agree completely and she says it so beautifully as usual! Also check out her amazing post on grace and guilt.

Becca’s amazing video about belief even though we can’t see God. The first in a series that I am SO excited about!

And finally, Ana breaking up with Hans in probably the catchiest song I’ve heard all month. (I think the real version is a little less family-friendly, but this Disneyfied one is awesome!)


Image result for five enchanted rosesImage result for a place of quiet restImage result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar children

look how nice the colors are…

This was a good reading month as far as it went…yes, I only read three books, but they were all really really good books!!

  • Five Enchanted Roses: I’ve been wanting to read this for so long and finally read it; it didn’t disappoint! I liked the Cinderella collection a little better but I loved this one too! Read my Goodreads review.
  • A Place of Quiet Rest: Such a good guide and exactly what I needed to kickstart my devotional time! Read my Goodreads review here.
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: Just finished this yesterday, actually, and WOW! Finally a popular book that totally lived up to the hype. I loved it and it’s definitely my favorite of the month! Review will go up on Goodreads soon.

Watchings and Listenings

Image result for america's got talent

So obviously I didn’t have much time to watch things this month, but I still made time for this, of all things…I accidentally let myself watch and episode and then got really invested in the contestants and couldn’t stop. So.

But seriously! This girl who won is incredible.

For music, here are a few songs from a new artist I’ve been loving:


I hope you all have a wonderful October! I’ll be back on Saturdays again as that schedule is working pretty well for me. I’m hoping to finish watching Sherlock soon and write a review. See you next week!

love, grace


2 thoughts on “September 2016 Month in Review

  1. Perrans says:

    Hey, hey, hey! I just discovered your blog (through Amanda’s =)) and I’m going to put your blog on the side of mine so I can see when it updates! I LOOOVE your rebelutionary spirit, girl! God is going to do great things with you!
    And yes, Grace, I feel ya. During the first two weeks of school, I feel like my mantra was ‘so much school, so little time!’ It was hard for me to get adjusted to the schedule, but after a little while it worked out! It’s been working for me to just trust God to help me get done what HE wants me to get done in a day.
    YAY for America’s Got Talent!! My sisters and I watched it with our dad and it was SO. STINKIN’. FUN. What was one of your favorite contestants?
    I hope you have a blessed October!!


    • graceevalyn says:

      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! See all the aforementioned busyness, haha 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot.
      As for America’s Got Talent, I really really liked Viktor Kee, since I am a dancer and I really appreciated how artistic he was. Sal Valentinetti and Brian Justin Crum were also both favorites of mine. Along with most of the rest of the singers…there were SO many good singers this time around!


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