I Need a Break…

So, everyone.

You know how I said I was going to be taking a blogging break the first two weeks of August?

Yeah, I think I need to start that break (super) early.

Here’s why:

-a dance intensive for the next three weeks from 9-1 every day

-preparing for the camp I’m going to run (meaning lesson planning, counselor meetings, administrative work, shopping for supplies, and more…)

-an online economics class that is taking up a crazy amount of time

-trying to stay sane and have time to help with household stuff, read, relax, and take care of myself in the middle of all of those things (i.e. sleep is good)

The last few days have been absolutely crazy, and at the moment blogging can’t really be a priority. I’ll miss posting, but I think it will make me generally calmer and saner. I can’t run on the amount of stress I’ve been dealing with lately for much longer before I crash.

So, if you don’t see new posts for a while, if I don’t reply to your comments, and if I generally drop off the face of the earth, don’t panic! I will be back later in August once all of this craziness dies down. (And don’t worry, I really will be back. I love blogging too much to stop for good.)

Feel free to look through the archives while I’m gone; there’s some good stuff in there!

See you soon!

love, grace


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