God Bless America

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For all Americans, today is a day of celebration.

Today, we celebrate the war in which a little baby nation took on a big powerful nation and won.

We celebrate the system of government that withstood centuries of changes in the world.

We celebrate the wise men who wrote the important documents that to this day guarantee all Americans their freedom.

But sometimes, Christians don’t feel the urge to celebrate a thing.

As we look around our country today, we wonder what is happening.

How can we celebrate? Sometimes it seems like there is nothing to celebrate at all. Founding values are destroyed. Instead of wise leaders, we have politicians who are in it for no one but themselves. People argue, opinions differ, gaps between us widen until we are totally split apart. The religion that our country was founded on has all but disappeared.

To a Christian person today, it seems that morality itself has disappeared.

But there are still things to celebrate. Because as Christians, we see the potential ruin of our country. But we also see hope.

Because God is in control. 

And no matter how awful everything seems, we can trust that morality cannot fall apart completely. 

Because the foundation of morality is God Himself. And God cannot be destroyed. 

And for today, there are things to celebrate.

Christians may be a minority, but we are not killed for our beliefs. 

We may have corruption in our leadership, but we are still a democracy. 

We may have wide differences of opinion, but we can all share our opinions freely. 

I can write a post like this and not be arrested for it. To me, that is still something to celebrate. 

America has been blessed by God for so many centuries, and He will not leave us now. No matter what happens, He is in control. Nothing can get so bad that He cannot fix it. 

Pray for our country today.

God Bless America.



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