Thoughts on the Orlando Shooting


You’ve probably heard by now about the terrible tragedy that happened early Sunday morning in Orlando. If you haven’t, here’s a news report. In quick summary, a man got into a nightclub carrying a gun, shooting and killing 49 and wounding many more.

This was a horrendous, awful act, that has people around the country reeling in shock. It’s the biggest terrorist attack in the U.S. since 9/11.

It brings up political issues of LGBTQ rights, gun control, security, etc. Amidst all of the political arguments that just add to the chaos of the presidential race, there are people hurting from the loss of family members or friends.

How do we, as Christians, react to this horrible tragedy?

First of all, hatred is never okay. We are called to spread the gospel and show love to all people. It may sometimes be tough love, but our interactions with everyone around us, including those living in direct opposition to God, should stem from a love for them and a desire for their best.

Even today, with all of the cultural issues that Christians face, hatred only destroys and wounds, the opposite of what Christianity stands for. We should stand up for our beliefs, but with love. God will judge. We are called to love. 

Second of all, this should reinforce for us the urgency of the gospel message. The saddest thing about this tragedy is that many of those killed were likely unbelievers.

The sobering truth is that even a perfectly healthy young person could end up dead tomorrow from an attack like this or an accident or something else unexpected. There is no time to waste! Don’t fool around when it comes to sharing the gospel. 

And please, please pray for the families of those who were killed. Pray that this might be the opportunity for someone to find God. Pray that all of them would find comfort and hope in the midst of the tragedy that has come upon their family. And pray for those who were wounded, that they would heal both physically and mentally.

Pray hard and long. Fill these peoples’ lives with prayer.

love, grace

Get started with witnessing:

Read Ann Voskamp’s beautiful message of hope after the tragedy


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