Guys? Swimwear? Common Modesty Questions

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The modesty series is winding down. We’ve covered most of the basics that you should know: what modesty is, why it’s important, and how to do it. But there are just a few more things we need to talk about; here are a couple of common questions when it comes to modesty.

Should guys dress modestly too? 

Short answer: yes. This is a much under-addressed issue among Christian circles, but the same principles and standards that we’ve talked about apply to guys too. Not being a guy, I don’t feel qualified to write a whole post on this, but here’s a great article from Brett Harris at The Rebelution that talks about this really well: The Other Side of Modesty.

How do you stay modest when it comes to swimwear? 

Swimwear can be a major problem for Christian girls. I think modesty really comes down to dressing in a way that’s appropriate for the situation that you find yourself in. At the pool, it’s appropriate to wear something that covers you slightly less than your usual attire, because of context.

Obviously some swimsuits should be completely off-limits for Christian girls. That said, if you feel comfortable with this, just look for a sturdy one-piece that has an appropriate neckline and cut. If you want a little more coverage, you can add a swim skirt, shorts, or a rash guard on top.

If you really want something that covers you completely, I recommend Olivia Howard’s blog for recommendations on where to purchase/how to “modestify” your swimwear. She also has an ebook on how to sew your own swimwear.

And regardless, try to always be covered up when you’re out of the water. Keep a cover-up, shorts, or even just a towel nearby for walking around, snacking, lounging, etc.

What if you do a sport that requires you to wear something you find immodest (dance, swim, gymnastics, skating, etc.)? 

See the first paragraph above about dressing in a way appropriate for the situation. My answer for this is to just do your best. In a setting where it’s only girls, like many dance classes, don’t worry too much about it.

If you have guys in your class/on your team/around while you practice or male teachers/coaches, try to wear things that have a little more coverage. Make sure your leotard or swimsuit has a modest neckline and sleeves and cover up with a skirt or shorts or something if possible. Again, like above, always cover up going to and from activities or when you’re just sitting around.


Those are just a few questions I thought should be addressed before the series ended! If you have more, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer or provide you with a resource to help. We’ll be wrapping up next week. I hope you enjoyed this series!

What do you think? Should guys dress modestly as well? What kind of swimwear do you prefer? Do you do any activities that require less-than-modest attire, and if so, how do you deal with that? Do you have any remaining questions for me? Let me know in the comments below! 

love, grace


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