May 2016 Month in Review

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This is the worst time of year, I think.

I don’t get out of school for four more whole weeks, and yet it’s eighty degrees outside and the pool just opened! It really feels like summer (and soon it will be June, and then in my mind it WILL be summer)!

Just four more weeks…just four…

May Bloggings

This month on the blog…

On other peoples’ blogs…

May Readings

The Mysterious Benedict Society: Five stars. Read my review here.

A New Name: Three and a half stars. Sweet, light romantic read that I enjoyed. Would recommend for beach/poolside reading!

I also just finished another series that I’ve been working on, which I’m going to share in a separate blog post next week. So be patient and come back then! (or you could just *ahem ahem* look at the preview for June at the end of the post *ahem*)

May Watchings

Hercules: Four stars. I can’t believe I didn’t watch this sooner. Kinda sexist and historically inaccurate, but so fun as long as you don’t analyze it too much!

The Incredibles: A rewatch of a five-star movie that I love!

When Calls the Heart, season 2: Not quite done with the season yet (no spoilers please!) but still loving this show! May do a more complete review at some point.

Freedom Writers: We watched the beginning of this movie in English class; I really need to finish it. About an English teacher who takes on a class of mixed-race, poor kids who have been dealing with gang violence all of their lives. Such a good movie! (There is quite a bit of violence and language, as it deals pretty realistically with its topic material. Definitely not a kid’s movie, but important and powerful nonetheless.)


For YouTube, I’ve been really enjoying the channel FarAwayDistance. Becca makes videos on a variety of things relating to the Christian teen life. She is eloquent and helpful and has such important things to say. Highly recommend her channel!

May Listenings

Probably the best thing I listened to this month was this incredible talk from Ben Stuart at Breakaway. Go listen to it now!!

As for music, I’m in a bit of a slump. I’m tired of everything I’ve been listening to…any recommendations?? Leave them in the comments please!!

Upcoming in June

Some things to look forward to…

  • Wrapping up the modesty series on Tuesdays
  • Thoughts on the (spoiler alert!) Harry Potter series
  • My favorite summer reads

What about you? How was your May? What did you read, watch, and listen to? Any exciting things you’re looking forward to in June? Tell me in the comments below! 

love, grace



7 thoughts on “May 2016 Month in Review

  1. hannah rodriguez says:

    When calls the heart season 2 seems to be getting cheesier with the acting but that’s just my opinion. And for music, Jon foreman and Josh Garrels have really good music.


    • graceevalyn says:

      Some of the actors have definitely been pretty cheesy all the way through the first two seasons. The talent is a bit mixed. But sometimes we need a little cheese in our lives 😉 I will check out those singers! Thanks for the recommendation.


  2. emily @ for the bookish says:

    Ooh, I am SO looking forward to June’s posts. Your watchings, yessss. Beautiful. When Calls the Heart is great. *cackles because I’ve finished the season heeheehee* I’ve also been wanting to see Freedom Writers for a while. I actually have The Mysterious Benedict Society but I haven’t read it, so I’m glad to hear you liked it. (Unfortunately it’s been packed away until we move, so I’ll have to wait a bit to read it.) Great wrap-up, and thanks for the mention Grace! 🙂


    • graceevalyn says:

      Finished the season the other day! *sends hate mail to Hallmark for ending the season on such a cliffhanger when I can’t yet get season 3* *sighs and searches for a new show to watch* *fails and settles on endless YouTube videos*
      😉 Hope you’re enjoying my June posts so far!


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