Why Do We Dress Modestly?

modesty series 2

This is part 3 of my modesty series. Read part 1 here and part 2 here.

The original version of this post appeared on my first blog, Me, You, and God.

Now that we are firmly rooted in the truth about what modesty is and how the Bible addresses it, it’s time to look at the practical motivations for dressing modestly.

If “the Bible says so” isn’t enough of a motivation for you, here are two practical reasons that modesty is important:

1. It shows the world that we are different.

A major part of bringing glory to God is paying attention to how people perceive us on a regular basis. Witnessing opportunities can open up naturally if the unbelievers around you recognize that you are living differently than the rest of the people they see every day.

And what is one of the biggest factors they will look at? How you dress. Clothes can be a pretty obvious sign of a person’s values, or at least they tend to be seen that way. So be careful! The clothes you wear will give people a certain impression of you.

When our peers, teachers, and other people around us see that we do not wear the short shorts and low-cut tops that the other girls wear, it demonstrates to them that we have been changed and are attempting to live a God-honoring life.

2. It helps others with temptation.

This is the reason most often talked about; when we dress in a way that is immodest, it makes it very hard for our brothers in Christ to avoid sinful thoughts and actions.

“But their sin is not my problem,” you might say. “Their issues shouldn’t dictate what I wear.”

But consider this: a life glorifying to God is a life spent serving others with love, even when it might mean being inconvenienced ourselves. That principle of service doesn’t suddenly not apply when it comes to dressing modestly.

If dressing modestly is something we can do to help the guys around us, we should do it, not grudgingly, but cheerfully and with an attitude of service and love.


What do you think? Are these good reasons for dressing modestly? Do you have other reasons that motivate you? What questions about modesty do you want me to address at some point in the series? Tell me in the comments below! 

love, grace

Coming soon: A belated April Review; I can’t believe I forgot to put that up on Saturday. I was agonizing over a blog post topic and it completely slipped my mind that it was the perfect time for a Month in Review. Oops!



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