(Very Belated) March 2016 Month in Review

Hey guys…I know it’s Sunday, not Saturday. Also it’s ten days into April already. So yes, this is a rather late Month in Review. But better late than never, right?

∼ March Life Things ∼

Several performances happened this month for me, including a chorus concert and a ballet performance. So the first three or so weeks of the month were pretty packed with rehearsals and shows.

Speaking of choir, I had the awesome opportunity to hear an exchange choir from an international school in Japan. They visited my school one day and sang, and they were so good. They sang a hymn (which I would not have expected) and it was incredibly beautiful and it may have made me cry.

I also saw AKathryn Morgan, one of my favorite dancers, in performance! That was amazing.

With writing, I followed along with the Go Teen Writers #WeWriteBooks event to prep a new novel which I’m super excited about, an Alice in Wonderland prequel that focuses on the Queen of Hearts.

(and then I found out that Marissa Meyer had already written one of those. How can I ever rival her?? But I looked at her synopsis and I think they’re different enough that it works out okay. Seriously though. I thought it was a unique idea.)

∼ March Blog Things ∼

We talked about lots of great things on the blog this month. Here’s a quick recap:

Here are some posts I enjoyed on other blogs:

There are many more I could share, but I’m too lazy to link to any more and I’m running out of time to write this post…

∼ March Readings ∼

This was a very good month reading-wise, much better than February. I finished and reviewed Great Expectations, as mentioned above, which is a pretty great accomplishment. With the completion of Persusasion, I have now read every Jane Austen as well.

Strong Poison and Are Women Human? were for a school paper I’m doing on Dorothy Sayers, but they were both really enjoyable reads. Are Women Human? is something everyone should read. Her perspectives on feminism are sensible and perfectly expressed and everything that I’ve been trying to put into words but never really known how to say.

Mere Christianity…I’ve probably said enough on here already about this book. Go read it.


So there’s my March in a nutshell! How was your March? Did you have any exciting things happen? Read any good books? Tell me in the comments below!! 

♥ love, grace ♥




2 thoughts on “(Very Belated) March 2016 Month in Review

  1. imogenelvis says:

    Ooh, you read Persuasion! Out of all Jane Austen’s novels, that one is my favourite. Haha, don’t you hate it when a famous author gets to an idea at the same time as you do? Personally, I think the more retellings the better. Because even if two people are retelling a book with the focus on the same character, they’re never going to be the same anyway. Good luck with your book!


    • graceevalyn says:

      Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I looked at the synopsis for Marissa Meyer’s book and I think it sounds very different from mine. So that’s good. I’m still not going to read it until after I finish my own (however long that is) because I don’t want to be influenced by it at all. That will be hard though…it sounds amazing and I love her books…I WILL be disciplined 😉


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