How to Witness, Part 2: The Conversation


Last week, I began a new mini-series that takes you through a step-by-step process for witnessing to an unbeliever. In the first installment, we looked at the preparation for witnessing. This included prayer, examining your own life, befriending the person, and thinking about how best to approach them with the gospel.

Today I want to talk about the actual witnessing itself. This can be the scariest part, because unlike the preparation, there really isn’t one way to do it. It will depend a lot on the person that you are talking to and the way the conversation naturally flows.

That said, there are some things that should be a part of the process of each conversation.

Reminder: Continue to pray constantly throughout this whole process! 

Step 1: Look For an Opportunity

So you feel prepared to explain the gospel to someone and have gotten close enough to them to comfortably do so. Now it’s time to start looking for a chance to bring up your faith in conversation.

I think that witnessing works best if it flows naturally from what you are already talking about. It doesn’t have to be an explicit conversation about Jesus, but you could bring the topic around to the gospel from topics relating to politics, cultural issues, or morality.

Keep your ears open! Wait until a moment when you have enough time for a detailed conversation about it, and then try to find a way to steer the conversation to religion and the gospel.

Step 2: Be Kind, Understanding, and Loving

As you share the truth with them, keep their personal situation in mind. Their reception could range from open to guarded to hostile. Continue to share even if they are not responding in the way you hoped (unless they directly ask you to stop, in which case it is best left alone for the moment), but share in a way that will show them that you care about them.

The most important thing to remember when witnessing is not to scare them away. Don’t become a crazed Christian zealot, shouting at them about how they are going to burn in hell if they don’t believe in Jesus.

Be sensitive and compassionate, sharing the beautiful, wonderful gospel in the way that its beauty and wonder deserves.

Step 3: Patiently Answer Their Questions

Christianity seems crazy from the outside!

If someone is even remotely interested in what you are saying, they will likely ask questions. It makes sense; before they commit to something, they want to be sure they understand it fully.

Hopefully you have prepared yourself to answer their questions. Answer every question they ask, no matter how many they ask, in the clearest and simplest way possible. If some complicated theological thing comes up, it is okay to admit that you don’t know the answer. Tell them you will do some research and get back to them on it, and then follow through so they know you truly care.

These are three tips for going through the hard, scary process of actually telling someone about the gospel. If you prepared well and moved with patience, sensitivity, and humility, you have to trust God’s purposes, whether the person was receptive or not.

What do you think? Have you ever shared the gospel with someone, and if so, what other tips could you add? Do you agree with my tips? Share in the comments below! 

♥ love, grace ♥




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