My Top 4 Favorite Blogs

Hi everyone!

Since the weekend is the perfect time to binge-read blogs, today I am going to share with you some of my favorites for your reading enjoyment. These are by far not the only blogs I read, but they are a few that I have really enjoyed reading for a substantially long time.

So here they are! (lame intro, I know…)

Blog Name: The Road of a Writer

Author: Deborah O’Carroll

Category: Writing

Post Types: Book reviews, life updates, writing snippets, etc.

Post Frequency: “weekly-ish” (in Deborah’s own words)

I love this blog simply because of the person behind it. The posts almost never fail to make me laugh. Her personality is so fun and her blog is so fun and everything is just such fun!

For the Bookish

Blog Name: For the Bookish

Author: Emily

Category: Books

Post Types: Book reviews, lists, ramblings about books

Post Frequency: every other day or so

This is another blog where I really enjoy the way the blogger’s personality shines through the posts. Emily seems like a really fun person and I enjoy reading her thoughts/fangirling on books, music, and other things.

Scattered Journal Page

Blog Name: Scattered Journal Pages

Author: Amanda Beguerie

Category: Christian Teens

Post Types: Reflections and articles on many topics relating to the Christian life, especially for teens, and occasional book-related posts

Post Frequency: Twice a week

If you only take one new blog recommendation away from this list, this one is it! Amanda has such a gift for writing and her posts are always beautiful, thought-provoking, and so well-written. More people need to hear what she has to say!


Blog Name: My Lady Bibliophile

Author: Schuyler M.

Category: Books and Writing

Post Types: Book reviews, articles on book-related issues, articles on writing

Post Frequency: Twice a week

This is another highly, highly recommended blog. Schuyler writes her book reviews thoughtfully and seriously and writes excellent articles on a variety of  other topics. If you’re looking for someone who reviews books without the fangirling and exclamation points (not that those are always bad…) this blog is an amazing place to start.


So those are a few of my favorite blogs at the moment! They are ones that consistently inspire me, make me laugh, or just provide something wholesome to read online. Definitely check them all out if you need something to do over the weekend!

♥ love, grace ♥






7 thoughts on “My Top 4 Favorite Blogs

  1. Amanda Beguerie says:

    Oh my goodness, Grace! Thank you so much for putting me on your list. That is so sweet of you. ❤ I just wanted to say, I love your blog as well, it makes me so happy to read your posts and I love your insights as well. I really should get better about commenting more! 🙂


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