4 Ways to Pray for Your School

prayer for school

For the next installment of our New Year’s Resolutions series, I’m going to address a resolution that I think is very important. That resolution is the resolution to pray for your school on a regular basis.

This might seem simple or like it isn’t a big deal, but prayer is one of the most powerful tools the Christian has. Change can happen through the faithful prayer of the Christian. And sometimes, our schools are one of the places in our lives that need to see the most change.

Of course, there are going to be some issues that you want to pray for that are specific to your school. But here are four general prayers that every school can benefit from:

Pray that students and teachers would be diligent and cheerful in their work. 

So often, school becomes a drudgery or a chore for the students, who then either slack off on the work and don’t do well, or they do the work fine but they complain about it the whole way through. Sometimes I think even teachers get tired of the daily drudgery.

Pray that the students would see the work as a privilege instead of just something that they hate, and that they would complete it well. Pray that there would be a spirit of joy and cheerfulness among the students and teachers at your school.

Pray that the students would be able to handle stress and manage their time well.

This is a major issue in schools, especially once you get to high school: the workload, the extracurriculars, and the loss of sleep that all add up to create a huge amount of stress and pressure.

Pray for everyone at your school’s mental health and peace of mind. Pray that they would manage their time well and not overcommit themselves. Pray that there would not be pressure put on students to do more than they can handle.

Pray that the administration would be wise and know best how to handle the many decisions they have to make.

I think we sometimes forget about the administration, but they are what hold the school together, keeping together all of the paperwork, dealing with issues that arise, making decisions about the school is run, and everything in between.

This is an area that could use a lot of prayer. Pray for peace for the administrative staff, that they would not get overwhelmed with their workload. Pray that they would make wise decisions and be able to decide how to handle everything for the good of the school.

Pray for the Christians in the building, that they would be bold to speak about their faith in witness to other people. 

There are at least a few other Christians at your school, I promise. Everywhere there are Christians hiding in the woodwork, afraid to speak their minds for fear of what the world might think. Imagine if all of these Christians came together and took a stand in the name of Christ.

Pray that this might happen! Pray that Christian teachers, students, and staff at your school would be bold to admit what they believe and proclaim Christ to the unbelievers around them. Pray that your school might be changed through the faithful ministry of the Christians who work there or study there.


Do you pray for your school? Will you start? Do you like these ideas? Are there other things that you think should be on this list? Tell me in the comments below!   

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♥ love, grace ♥

coming soon: Thoughts on “happily ever after” and unrealistic expectations, inspired by The Selection 


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