Peace On Earth and Goodwill Toward Men??


How in the world am I supposed to feel peace and goodwill when December is the busiest time of the year?

How am I supposed to take time to remember the true meaning of Christmas and focus on God when I have so many events to go to, so much shopping to do, and so many tests to study for?

How am I supposed to slow down and enjoy the holidays when everyone around me is going, going, going and I don’t want to be left behind?

Why has the holiday season become like this?

It’s the Most Wonderful Stressful Time of the Year

December has notoriously become the busiest time of the year. In December, we suddenly have to go to millions of holiday events, shop for gifts, decorate, maybe bake (!?), study for pre-Christmas exams, and for those involved in performing arts there are Christmas concerts and plays and Nutcrackers…

Peace on earth has become a joke.

The idea of having goodwill toward men when you’re running on three hours of sleep makes us want to burst out into either laughter or tears.

We have forgotten what is truly important in the midst of hustle and bustle and busyness, and this is a problem.



The most important thing we can possibly do in this season is to not give up on spending time with God. 

If we can stay focused on what Christmas means, we will find it possible to enjoy peace during this busy time of year. If we can remember selfless Christ, who came to Earth, endured everything a human must, and died for us, it will not seem so hard to show goodwill toward those around us.

Christmas is not about finding the perfect gift. It is not about having the perfect experience. It is not about being the perfect host or hostess.

Christmas is about the baby in the manger.

It is about a young couple who gave up their own hopes and plans so they could fulfill God’s purpose.

It is about God’s Son, sent into the world to die for us.

It is about forgiveness, restoration, and joy.

It is about love: the true, perfect and pure love of a Father who gave us a Savior that we might have everlasting life in Heaven.

Remember that when life gets busy and you feel like falling apart.

Remember the love.

love, grace


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