Quick Update: I Won NaNo (and I’m burned out)

Hi guys.

You are reading the words of someone who WON NANO for the very first time. And boy, am I happy about it. And also, I have no idea what superhuman powers I was suddenly gifted with in the last few days of November…

Take a look at this graph. Just look at it:


I think someone else took over my brain. I cannot have done this. There has been a mix-up, and this graph belongs to someone else! Call security!

But all jokes aside, I am very, very worn out from that, especially the 8,000 words or so I wrote on the last day because I was SO CLOSE and I would not have been able to stand not winning.

Trust me, I have LOTS of great things planned for December. I made a calendar! I’m very excited! Especially for some book-related things I am doing!

But I really just needed to take a day or two and not have to do any writing (unless you count the essay I had to turn in…yeah, not exactly optional). Also time has been sparse this week, more so then usual. But I don’t imagine that changing anytime soon, soooo…I’ll just have to find a way to keep up.

But after this week, I am definitely planning to get back to some writing. I will be back on the blog regularly, and I’m also going to try to write a short story or two. (Because I got an idea, and I just can’t help but write it.)

See you soon! Thanks for being patient as I recover from my post-Nano writing coma!

love, grace


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