Truly Me

Note: This is something I wrote as part of an assignment for English class. I created a mask with pictures of things that represented my many hobbies and interests, and then reflected on it and wrote about it. I thought it seemed like a good thing to share on the blog. Hope you enjoy!

Who am I? Who am I really? On this mask, I have put pictures of the various things that I believe define me, things that make me my own person, the things I love and do and spend my time on.

But is this really who I am? Or am I hiding behind these things in order to feel secure and safe? I define myself in these terms, as the student, the dancer, the writer, the bookworm. I define myself in these ways as though I need to box myself in, to give myself a label, to feel that I belong somewhere.

But do these things define me? Do they determine my worth? If I believe they do, then I believe I am worthless when I get a bad grade, step onto the wrong foot, hit the wrong note, or cannot find the words to express what I want to say.

If I believe these things define me, then my worth is dependent on perfect performance in every area of life.

Who am I really, fundamentally? Am I the student? Am I the dancer? Am I the writer, the pianist, the singer, the bookworm, the sister, the daughter, the friend? Or am I just, truly, me?

I am me, and my worth depends not on my performance, my grades, my success. I am worthwhile, a person created individual and unique.

I am me, and if I fail school, injure my dancing body, or can no longer think of words to put on the page, I am not worthless.

I am not defined by these things.

I am not defined by anything outside of myself.

I am me, and I am a person unique, special, loved, no matter what I can or cannot do.

This mask I have created is not me. Everything on this mask is a part of my life at this moment. But everything on this mask could be taken away.

And if they were, I would not be worthless. I would still be, truly, fundamentally, me.

love, grace


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