How to Pray: Supplication

We’re on the last leg of this four-part series within a series. Today I’m going to conclude by taking a look at the wish-list prayers, the ones that I’ve been trying to convince you are not the only way to pray. The fancy word for these is supplication.

What is Supplication?

Supplication is the type of prayer most people pray most often, the one that you pray when you or someone you know needs something. They are request prayers, asking God to heal sickness or comfort after a death or support someone in a hard time.

Why is Supplication Important?

If you’re wondering why we have to pray this way if God already knows everything, check out my post Why Pray? where I looked at this in detail. I’m not going to repeat it all here, but remember that the point is not to tell God what you need but rather to strengthen your relationship with Him.

How to Include Supplication in Your Prayer Time

First and foremost, pray for others first. It’s fine to pray for things in your own life, but it helps with the natural self-centeredness if you pray for the needs of other people in balance to your own needs. Keep your ears open in everyday life for things people may be struggling with or need prayer for.

On that note, have a place to write requests down. You will forget if you don’t. I use an app on my phone, but you can use a notebook or journal or just a piece of paper stuck in your Bible. You can even write them on your hand temporarily if you don’t have access to anything else, just so you remember to write them down later.

If you keep your ears open and write things down, it can get overwhelming. So don’t worry about praying for everything every day. Every day during your prayer time, pick 5-6 things off of your list, either at random or you can plan it out if you’re that kind of person, and really focus on praying for each of those things. Don’t worry about running through the list completely every time.

Be watching for answers to prayer, too. Your faith will be strengthened so much if you see a prayer be answered that you have been praying faithfully for a long time. Keep on the lookout, and definitely write these down in a journal as well so that you can look back and marvel at how good God is.

He truly is good, and prayer is powerful and really works.

love, grace


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