2-Minute Update (why my posting hasn’t been as consistent…)

Hi everyone!

I’ll have some actual posts coming this week (I’m going to write them right after this so they don’t get pushed to the bottom of the list), but I wanted to quickly explain why posting hasn’t exactly been as consistent as promised…

I do try to post consistently, and I do have a plan for keeping up this blog during the school year. My plan is to write posts over the weekend that will be scheduled to go up throughout the week. That seems like it will work pretty well.

Last Saturday, though, I was sick. Like, I felt like I couldn’t function. And I was hosting a party that night. I had left most of the prep for that until Saturday.

I’m sure you can imagine what that day was like.

Anyway, I managed to get a post written on Tuesday but not on Thursday. But unless something unusual happens, I will be writing my posts over the weekend so they can go up throughout the week and it’s one less thing for me to stress over.

I’m not doing a full post today because I’m traveling and don’t have my post ideas list or the resources to do a book review or a writing snippets post. But I will get my blogging act together, I promise! (Unless something really abnormal happens in the next hour, you will get posts on Tuesday and Thursday. Because I’m going to write them now.)

Okay, sorry for this long explanation, and see you on Tuesday!

P.S. How is it almost October already?? And it’s finally officially fall! Which isn’t my favorite season, but it’s still a nice season. Yay fall!

love, grace


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