How to Pray: Confession

Right now, on the blog, it’s all about getting rid of those wish-list prayers. You know what I’m talking about: “God, please give me this and this and this and help me have a good day and do well on my test and please make Bob like me back. Amen.” That kind of prayer.

Last week we talked about adoration, spending time praising God for who He is in order to avoid a me-focused mindset. Today I want to talk about another type of prayer: confession.

What is Confession?

Confession means telling God your sins and asking Him for forgiveness. It’s really very simple.

But it is also incredibly hard. It’s humbling to try and remember specific times recently that you have failed to follow God’s laws and will for your life. It can make you realize how much you still have to work on. And so it’s very hard. But it’s essential.

Why is Confession Important?

There are many things I could say in this section. It makes you feel better and gives you a fresh start. It brings you closer to God. It reminds you that you are not perfect and gets rid of that self-centered attitude I keep mentioning.

But the most important thing is this: God has offered you forgiveness. The way that you receive His forgiveness is by confessing your sins.

We often overlook how amazing this is. God has given us the opportunity to be forgiven and receive a fresh start over and over again, simply by asking for it. We shouldn’t shy away from this. We need to embrace it and be thankful for the unlimited second chances we receive because of Christ’s amazing sacrifice.

How to Include Confession in Your Prayer Time

This is pretty straightforward, but I do want to say one thing. Be specific. Confession doesn’t just mean a general “Forgive me for my sins”. Think of specific things you struggle with or times you went wrong in the past day or two and mention each of them.

Another thing: do this every day. This should be a regular part of your prayer time. If you let the days pile up in between it, it will get harder to remember the specific things you need to confess. If you only need to think back over the previous day, it will be much easier.

Confession is hard, but so important and worth it!

love, grace

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