Book Review: The Princess Spy by Melanie Dickerson

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My Rating: Four stars

Age Suggestion: 13+

The Book

It’s April 1413, and 18-year-old Margaretha, eldest daughter of Duke Wilhelm of Hagenheim, is reluctantly entertaining the pursuit of her latest suitor, Rowland Fortescue, Earl of Claybrook, when a handsome, severely injured stranger, Colin, arrives. The heroine is immediately drawn to the alluring young man and the daunting information he insists that he must share with her father—information that could put her and her entire family at risk, but could also save their lives.

Talkative, sheltered, and carefree, Margaretha must undertake the task of spying on Lord Claybrook and his men to learn for herself if what Colin has warned her of is true and if so, how she can save her family from certain death. (from School Library Journal review on Amazon)

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book. I had wanted to try something by this author for a while, and this book fulfilled my expectations in that it pulled me in and kept me reading. The plot was well-written and kept me interested and dying to know what would happen.

All of the characters were realistic and well-developed. Margaretha was a little bit annoying, but she got slightly better as the book went on. Colin was a wonderful character without being perfect, which I appreciated. And there were also some not-so-lovable characters as well…if you’ve read the book you can probably think of at least two that I mean. But they’re not supposed to be lovable, so that doesn’t affect my opinion of the book at all.

Content…some violence and just sort of scary scenes with Claybrook’s soldiers…also I think the romance calls for about 13 and up. But there’s nothing really inappropriate in there that I can remember.

All in all, a good book, that I would recommend highly!

love, grace

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