Why Pray?


God knows everything before it happens.

He knows what we need, what we want, and what we will get.

He can see all things.

So why do we need to pray?

If God already knows what we are going to ask for, why do we have to ask for it? If He already knows what is going to happen, why would ask for something different to happen?

What is the purpose of prayer?

Here’s why: Unexpressed affection dies. Expressed affection is strengthened.

What does that mean?

If we don’t show God we love Him by talking to Him on a regular basis, our love for Him will wither away somewhere inside us where it was forgotten.

If, on the other hand, we talk to God often and express our love for Him through our prayers, that love will grow and bloom and be strengthened as we grow closer and closer to Him.

It makes total sense. If your friend moves away and you don’t talk for months, what does that do to your friendship? Won’t you seem less close to each other when you finally do see each other again? But if your friend moves away and you call her often and stay in touch, then you will continue to learn more about each other and have an even closer friendship than you did before.

So if you talk to God on a regular basis, it will have the effect of strengthening your faith and your love for Him. You will get to know Him, and become closer to Him, simply by telling Him about your cares and worries and needs.

It doesn’t matter that he already knows. He wants you to tell Him as proof that you really believe in Him and love Him.

love, grace


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