Book Review: The Hole in Our Holiness

My Rating: Five stars

Age Suggestion: 12+

This book, by Kevin DeYoung, is a must-read for every Christian. It’s engaging and enjoyable to read, even for someone who doesn’t normally read nonfiction. It challenges and inspires, and it’s very practical and applicable without being a 20-point list of things you must do.

The Book

This book discusses the lack of focus on becoming more holy among Christians today, coming from a fear of legalism. DeYoung talks about how we were saved so that we could become more holy and what that holiness looks like. He gives many Biblical reasons why we should follow God’s commands. And he encourages us that holiness is, in fact, possible for the average believer.

He discusses what it looks like to be driven in this effort by the Holy Spirit and the gospel. And he looks at the difference between regret and repentance, giving us hope that we can, indeed, make progress and move forward.

What I Liked

This book was so helpful in explaining the difference between legalism and pursuing a life of holiness. It challenged me to a higher standard and inspired me to continue my efforts to live a life of faith. The ideas are well thought-out, the book is well-organized, and the writing is enjoyable and easy to understand.


For the most part, the book has no content whatsoever, except for one chapter about sexual sin that resulted in the 12+ age rating. Younger ages could read it as well and easily skip that chapter.

Overall Thoughts

Nonfiction is often hard for me to get into and truly enjoy reading, but I had no trouble wanting to read this one. In fact, once I started it, I finished it in two sittings! DeYoung has a casual, personable style of writing that I really enjoy, and sprinkles his chapters with stories and examples to illustrate the points he’s discussing.

I highly recommend this. Absolutely a must-read!

love, grace


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