Why Do We Have Voices?


The English language can be quite ugly.

Curse words, insults, and crude jokes have become trademarks of our way of speech. You can hardly be in the presence of other people without hearing many of these multiple times.

This wasn’t the way we were created, was it?

This isn’t how God wanted us using the gifts of voices and language. Like everything else after the fall, these good things have become twisted and corrupt.

So why were we given voices?

The short answer: To communicate with God and other people.

God gave us voices so that we could speak to Him and praise Him.

Think about it. How often do you pray? How much of that prayer is simply greediness, asking for your own wants? Do you ever use your voice to praise God through prayer?

God gave us voices so that we could communicate with other people.

How much of what you say is really unnecessary and would be better left unsaid? How much of it is truly encouraging, uplifting, or helpful?

Our voices are for praise and encouragement, not bickering, cursing, and insults.

In the coming weeks, I want to look more closely at how we are called to use our voices both for prayer and communication.

We’ll start by studying prayer. We’ll look at what it is, why we do it, and what it means to pray without ceasing. We’ll also look at more specifics, like elements of well-rounded prayer, praying out loud, and praying for our families and our countries.

Then we’ll discuss our words. We’ll talk about how to see if your words are necessary, helpful, encouraging, and respectful, and wrap up with a discussion of how and why we need to get rid of crudeness in the way we talk.

Our voices were made for good. The Fall twisted that into evil. Let’s bring the good back into our lives, one little step at a time.

love, grace



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